Study Help Essay Questions

1. What does London mean by the title The Call of the Wild? Also discuss how the title of each chapter applies both to that chapter and to the general theme of the novel. For example, what is meant by naming certain chapters “The Toil of Trace and Trail,” “Into the Primitive,” and “The Dominant Primordial Beast”?

2. Discuss London’s use of anthropomorphism — that is, how London assigns human feelings and emotions to the various dogs.

3. How is Buck affected by the various masters that he has? Can a brutal man effectively train a dog?

4. Why do you think London chose to have John Thornton massacred?

5. Compare and contrast the life of the North with the life represented by the Southland. Consider how Jack London’s first-hand knowledge of life in the North add to the reality of the novel.

6. Trace Buck’s change from being a civilized dog to being a complete product of the wilderness.